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Community management

The development of domain specific vocabularies are ofted organized by business communities; a network of organizations and people based on their shared interest in the interoperability of data sharing. Semantic Treehouse provides basic functionalities for community management, including the administration of user accounts, organizations, (working) groups and meetings. The following picture depicts the relationship between People, Organizations and Groups in the Semantic Treehouse platform.

The concepts and relations in the above conceptual model are explained with the help of an example. Consider the case where an employee named John works for organization X, participates in working groups and later switches employer.

  • The employee has a User account which is associated with exactly one Person (i.e. John) including related information about John's Profile. The employee is able to manage this him/herself. This bullet represents the left side of the picture above and more information can be found in section Account management

  • The employee is registered as a Representative for Organization X. Subsequently, the User account of the employee can be linked to this Representative. The primary contact person of the organization ensures the management of the organization's representatives. However, this is currently managed by the community manager. Section Organization management elaborates more on the management of the organization.

  • Representative John[Organization X] can be added as a Group member to one or more Groups. The group owner is able to manage the Group members and Meetings. Currently this is done by the community manager. More information can be found in section Group management.

  • When John switches from organization X to Y. This means that his Representative role for X ends, which will be registered by the owner of organization X in their organization overview. Automatically the associated Group memberships end as John is not representing X anymore.

  • Organization Y will create a new Representative and the existing User account of John is linked to the new Representative.

  • The history of these changes is visible for John at the My account interface.

  • The Representative John[Organization Y] has no active Group memberships. Therefore, for the working groups, the new Representative can be added as a Group member to one or more Groups.

Take into account that Semantic Treehouse records the participation of Representatives in working groups and meetings, not so much the User account itself.