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Systems need to use a common data model to smoothly communicate. Semantic Treehouse helps you and your community to agree on, define and improve these models.

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Semantic Treehouse Discord Join us in the Semantic Treehouse Discord to meet us and the community, get support, share ideas and inspiration, and much more.

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Do you want to explore the opportunities Semantic Treehouse can provide your organization? Do you need help with using Semantic Treehouse? Did you find any issues? Or do you have feedback? We are happy to receive your interest, questions or feedback!

🔔 Contact us using Discord or mail Linda Oosterheert.


Curious which standard development organizations use Semantic Treehouse? All our STH communities are listed on the STH communities page.

Are you interested in how our clients experience Semantic Treehouse in their daily work on standardization and data modelling? Read their stories on the Communities page.


For latest news, updates and background stories on Semantic Treehouse, take a look at our blog.


Learn more about the Semantic Treehouse API.