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All Semantic Treehouse service providers allow users to login to the platform. For some Semantic Treehouse environments it is essential to login to be able to see all content, but in some environments certain content is accessible without login.

Login using a supported identity provider

To login:

  1. On the top bar, in the top-right corner, select the 'Account' icon.
  2. In the dropdown menu, select Login.

  1. Depending on the choices made by your Semantic Treehouse service provider, you can login using an existing account of any (or a selection) of the following identity providers:
    • Microsoft account
    • LinkedIn account
    • Google account
    • GitHub account
    • Other configured OAuth identity provider

  1. By selecting one of the above identity providers, you are redirected to the login page of the selected identity provider to log in. Follow the authentication steps necessary.
  2. After successfully logging in at the selected identity provider, you are redirected back to the Semantic Treehouse page where you left before the login. On the top bar, in the top-right corner, your account name is shown.

Semantic Treehouse aims to request as little profile information as possible. Therefore existing accounts from other identity providers are used. There is no need for creating a separate account for Semantic Treehouse. Account identification is based on a verified email address.

Microsoft account

The Microsoft account consent screen looks something like this:

It can be the case that your organizations administrator set limited/restricted permissions for third party app usage. You will see a screen stating: 'Need admin approval' or (in Dutch) 'Beheerdersgoedkeuring vereist'.

Please contact your organizations administrator to request permissions for Semantic Treehouse to access your account profile.

Alternatively you can select any of the other identity providers.