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Codelists overview

To view an overview of all codelists available, select Documentation > Codelists in the menu bar.

The codelists overview shows all codelists used by the message models. For each codelist certain information is provided:

  • The organization maintaining the codelist, combined with the original name of the codelist.
  • The last date on which the codelist was updated.
  • Checkbox indicating whether it is an external codelist being reused, or an internal codelist defined by your standard development organization (SDO).
  • Checkbox indicating whether the codelist contains only a subset of codes of the original codelist, or the entire original set of codes. This only applies to external codelists.

View a codelist

From the codelists overview, select one codelist by clicking on the title.

When viewing a(n) (external) codelist, the following information may be presented:

  • The name of the codelist.
  • A hyperlink referring to the original codelist.
  • A note providing additional information on the usage of the codelist.
  • The organization maintaining the codelist.
  • The last date on which the codelist was updated.
  • A list of all codes on the codelist. Each code contains the code name, a description, the date added, the date removed (if applicable), the status of the code (e.g. deprecated), and, if necessary, a note providing extra information on its usage.

By selecting the second tab Used by on the top, you get an overview in which message models and data elements the codelist is being used.