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v2.8.0 (14 jan 2022)

  • Issue 496 Add generated JSON example to output of FIT wizard
  • Issue 500 Add last comment date to CR View View
  • Issue 501 Add alt label to taxonomy viewer.
  • Update to PHP v8
  • Update to Ampersand prototype framework v1.13.0
  • Update Phan to v5 for static analysis of PHP backend

v2.8.1 (18 jan 2022)

  • Bugfix missing example value for boolean datatype in XML and JSON example generator

v2.8.2 (20 jan 2022)

  • Issue 486 Activate Google analytics for TNO environment
  • Issue 498 Provide feedback to user about global type definition issue in XML schema generator
  • Issue 499 Remove column roles from 'Accounts' overview list
  • Issue 502 Add support for local attribute type definitions in XSD generator of FIT wizard

v2.8.3 (11 feb 2022)

  • Issue 505 Directly redirect to login when there is only one OAuth option
  • Update to Ampersand prototype framework v1.14.1
  • Update all external backend libraries
  • Refactor exception usage in backend
  • Issue 495 Adds BD4NRG Environment.
  • Remove interface to list all Messages