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v2.19.0 / v3.0.0-alpha.3 (30 June 2023)

  • Epic 10 First implementation of JSON schema input for FIT wizard
  • Issue 383 Add functionality to select sub classes for element type in wizard
  • Issue 705 Move fixed config var oauthlogin.stateHashSecret to ENV var
  • Issue 722 Customize Federated Header (and add job to runner)
  • Issue 725 Fix + update issue with images of CI jobs
  • Issue 727 No URIs generated by wizard example generator
  • Issue 737 Add metamodel migration for new JsonSchemaSpec
  • Bugfix issue with getting correct range class/datatype when SHACL shape applied
  • Frontend v3 related:
    • Issue 709 Add issue number to several issue related components
    • Issue 714 Fix links to issue references
    • Issue 717 Implement UI for Taxonomy concept view
    • Issue 728 Improve search field - add ctrl-k and esc short keys
    • Fix group interface showing number of meetings and members and showing upcoming meeting(s)

v2.19.1 / v3.0.0-alpha.4 (25 August 2023)

  • Issue 720 How to handle REFs for JSON Schema resolution
  • Issue 734 Fix issue with style property in json schema in wizard OpenAPI spec generator
  • Issue 744 JSON schema generator - ContentMediaType: base64 needs to be ContentEncoding: base64
  • Issue 750 Add functionality to specify taxonomy top level concepts
  • Issue 751 Bugfix in example generator with minimal multiplicity
  • Frontend v3 related:
    • Issue 685 Include icon in different specification overview pages
    • Issue 721 Process feedback on new frontend
    • Issue 745 Improve outline on start page. Sort cards by last publication date
    • Issue 748 Restructure title, subtitle and definition for taxonomy concept and treeview element details.
    • Issue 749 Allow for additional menu items
    • Specification card improvements: primary button and actions redefined, styling, skeletons while loading, download actions, ..
    • Improvement of specification pages: message model and taxonomy
    • Fix linking to validator
    • Add CI job to check if generated frontend files need to be updated
    • Add customizations for Ketenstandaard environment

v2.19.2 / v3.0.0-alpha.4 (22 Sept 2023)

  • Issue 736 Add tags in wizard oas output
  • Issue 738 Improve error reporting to user when json schema is not correct or cannot be used as input for the wizard.
  • Issue 765 Add json schema preprocessor implementation
  • Issue 780 Bugfix WebVOWL viewer access to API endpoint due to signing key too short

v2.19.3 / v3.0.0-alpha.5 (27 Oct 2023)

  • Issue 743 Bugfix showing subclasses of base datatypes in wizard
  • Issue 798 Add DIL to runner
  • Issue 801 Add version number to filename of message export to excel
  • Frontend v3 related:
    • Issue 754 Add custom metadata fields to tree view for messages and taxonomies
    • Issue 778 Add internationalisation, add Dutch translation, add language switcher
    • Issue 789 Fix generated interfaces, add links to them in manual interfaces
    • Issue 789 Update shared ampersand modules
    • Issue 794 Fix wrong order for highlighted version when selecting based on publication dates
    • Issue 796 Project list: mark public projects
    • Issue 816 Add role selector to v3
    • Fix issue with infinate loop when image-missing.png is not found