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v2.18.0 / v3.0.0-alpha.2 (2 June 2023)

  • Issue 492 Pick up organization info from OAuth login resource information
  • Issue 604 Add csv download/export functionality for taxonomies
  • Issue 704 Remove environment specific backend config files
  • Allow to disable creating non-existing accounts in OAuth login attempt
  • Frontend v3 related:
    • Issue 106 Improve page title including page name and environment name
    • Issue 675 Add additional Dockerfile to prepare for switching from v2 to v3 frontend
    • Issue 689 Add google tag for tracking page views
    • Issue 694 Add usage note to taxonomy concept details panel
    • Issue 698 Sort taxonomy concepts by sequence number. Fallback to label alphabetically
    • Issue 700 Add alternative label to taxonomy concept details panel
    • Fix sorting in different user interfaces
    • Add setup for customer/community specific customizations
    • Remove parts from UI that are not yet implemented / supported by backend

v2.18.1 / v3.0.0-alpha.2 (4 June 2023)

  • Issue 708 Fix typo in taxonomy export to spreadsheet
  • Fix removed oauth identity provider images