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v2.17.0 (7 april 2023)

  • Issue 559 Report login error to user to be able to diagnose what went wrong
  • Issue 599 Handle situation (show error message) when user cancels the authentication
  • Issue 631 Add OAuth integration for NEN. Includes refactoring of OAuth module
  • Issue 658 Remove constraint of non-duplicate account display name
  • Issue 660 Add MessageMapping API to match elements in tree view canvas
  • Fix minor issues with OAuth login implementation. Trigger detailed logs when login attempt fails due to invariant violation

v2.17.1 / v3.0.0-alpha.1 (9 may 2023)

  • Issue 672 Merge new frontend (v3) code repo into subfolder in main STH repo
  • Add 3.0.0-alpha.1 version of new frontend to virtual directory /v3/
  • Add missing built-in types for mapping from xs types to json
  • Add link to releases page for version info in footer