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v2.16.0 (10 march 2023)

  • Issue 447 Add backend functionality to upload icons/avatars at different locations (e.g. for specifications)
  • Issue 547 Embedded schematron specification doesn't seem to be picked up by validator
  • Issue 601 Support sorting for taxonomy concepts.
  • Issue 606 Add short description to data model for specs (UI needs it)
  • Issue 611 Add Energy Vocabulary Hub environment customization.
  • Issue 616 Update Node builder from 12 EOL to Node 14 LTS version
  • Issue 618 Create STH env for NEN 2767 (cont'd)
  • Issue 623 Bugfix JSON example generator
  • Issue 624 Extend Projects API to include additional info needed by new frontend
  • Issue 625 Add functionality to specify the highlighted version (for new frontend)
  • Issue 632 Increase session expiration limit to 5 days (was 4h)
  • Move docker-compose.yml to gitignore and provide current one as docker-compose.yml.example.
  • Add check for updated changelog in merge request pipeline