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v2.13.0 (7 october 2022)

  • Issue 527 Add SHACL output generator to FIT wizard
  • Issue 531 Update NEN front page.
  • Issue 546 By default use element label instead of name in treeview
  • Issue 548 Fix incorrect meta-population output causing Access denied error
  • Issue 556 Implement toggle XSD generation style Venetian Blind / Russian Doll
  • Issue 561 Add RDF example to wizard output
  • Issue 571 Bugfix in JSON example in wizard output
  • Doc Issue 9 Move privacy statement to Semantic Treehouse landing page
  • Update to Ampersand prototype framework v1.16.0
  • Lower severity of invalid state parameter for OAuth login to NOTICE (instead of ERROR). Relates to #487
  • Major refactoring of backend code, including:
    • Introduction of API Controllers, instead of anonymous functions
    • Put all API files together in folder: backend/src/api and auto loading those files
    • Move classes about Taxonomy and Message specifications (incl. Element, ElementType classes) into new namespace SemanticTreehouse\Specification
    • Make code for RDF response reusable in new Trait RdfContentTrait