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v2.12.0 (22 july 2022)

  • Issue 340 Remove whitespace and empty fields in Codelist interface
  • Issue 532 Bugfix sorting release notes
  • Issue 535 Bugfix list of validator projects when API is requested with access-token instead of a session login
  • Issue 537 Bugfix merge of allowed values in multiple value restriction sets
  • Issue 539 Improve findability of validation artefacts; placed on Message model overview interface
  • Issue 541 Remove panel-warning style for unlocked message model (elements)
  • Issue 542 Bugfix loading schematron and example files in validator UI
  • Issue 543 Bugfix wrong mapping of floatDigits and length to interface labels
  • Alpha release of new codelist functionality: exporting to spreadsheet and SKOS, possibility to migrate to Taxonomy and minor UI changes to Taxonomy views
  • Add PHPUnit for unit testing backend implementation. Integrated in CI. Including first test as example.