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v2.0.0-rc.1 (24 november 2020)

  • Issue 228 Refactor STH conceptual model; 1 message = 1 standard
    • Issue 373 Show by which message models an ontology specification is used
  • FIT wizard (including XSD, JSON schema and RML generator)
    • Issue 155 Add option to add all possible sub elements for a certain element
    • Issue 195 Add element definition and usage notes to generated XSD
    • Issue 221 Implement default OWL cardinality constraints in FIT wizard

v2.0.0-rc.2 (23 december 2020)

  • Issue 352 Adapt interface boxes to new Ampersand templates. See Ampersand issue #1084
  • Update to Ampersand prototype framework version 1.8.2
  • Issue 356 Use Google Cloud Storage API instead of local filesystem (with NFS mount)
    • Currently only implemented for DOVA demo, FIT and KS staging environment
    • Configure bucket name using env STH_GCS_BUCKET_NAME
  • Issue 371 Add publication date for specification versions
  • Issue 380 Bugfix link to ontology export and webvowl viewer
  • Issue 391 Add codelists, restrictions, examples, and more from ontology to message model when using FIT wizard
  • Issue 394 Use sth:xmlTag in FIT wizard if specified in ontology
  • Issue 399 Bugfix missing element type in details window
  • Issue 402 Add Flyway functionality to automate database migrations
  • Bugfix: don't automatically delete sub elements of invisible elements
  • Cleanup and remove import parts of old ONIMEX module (ontology import export)

v2.0.0-rc.3 (11 januari 2021)

  • Issue 280 First naive implementation of global complexTypes in XSD generator
  • Issue 285 Don't prefix attributes with @. Add tooltip.
  • Issue 297 Add option to set if additional schematron files are included or not
  • Issue 347 Support for mutliple syntax bindings (also for validator)
    • Syntax bindings are registered for MessageModelVersions. This allows to also enable validator functionality for older message definitions that don't have a Message in Semantic Treehouse
    • Added project selector to validator UI
  • Issue 404 Add php linter to CI pipeline
  • Issue 413 Fix warning Interface id 'xyz' specified as accessible interface, but this interface is not defined
    • Run metamodel installer for this to take affect: GET ../api/v1/admin/installer/metapopulation
  • Update to Ampersand prototype framework v1.8.4
  • Add php static analyzer (Phan) to CI pipeline
  • Refactor TreeView frontend code

v2.0.0 (22 jan 2021)

Bump version to new release

v2.0.1 (23 jan 2021)

  • Issue 420 Hide message models versions from validator UI that cannot be validated
  • Issue 421 Bugfix missing migration link for newly created schematron objects

v2.0.2 (26 jan 2021)

  • Issue 423 Bugfix incorrect XML schema generation