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v1.6.0 (20 february 2020)

  • Prepared for deploying with docker in kubernetes cluster
  • Update config structure for different environment.
  • Improve logging when using docker containers. I.e. log to stdout and stderr
  • Migrate to Ampersand v4 CLI
  • Moved persistent user-data (e.g. uploads) for different projects/customers to subdirectory in data-folder. Needed for containerization of backend application
  • Don't bake mysql.dbHost setting into image, but instead pick up from environment config

v1.6.1 (7 april 2020)

  • Issue 164 Replace full namespace by prefix in validation response from new eValidator implementation
  • Issue 250 New eValidator implementation using PH-Schematron library (supports XSLT2.0 functions)
  • Issue 270 Allow to deselect certain schematron validation files in eValidator
  • Issue 277 Bugfix invalid schematron due to empty namespace prefix
  • Issue 284 Place each rule in its own pattern
  • Bugfix in processing evalidator response. Flag is set on <sch:failedAssert> element, not <sch:firedRule>
  • Bugfix in processing evalidator response. Don't parse original xml message when malformed

v1.6.2 (8 april 2020)

  • Issue 283 Handle multiple violations of the same rule/assert in new validator implementation
  • Issue 290 Use our own webvowl deployment ( instead of
  • Issue 299 Change display 'Schematron specification' to 'Validation rules' in evalidator UI

v1.6.3 (16 april 2020)

  • Issue 298 Allow to edit the name of additional schematron rules as specified as shown in validator
  • Issue 305 Add svrl report to validator UI. Users can view detailed validation report
  • Issue 307 Bug in filing new change request from treeview
  • Add support for Google Error Reporting (using specific log formatter)
  • Validator: separate business rule validation and codelist checks in two different schematron files

v1.6.4 (24 april 2020)

  • Issue 200 Show name and standard for work items of rules 'Signal possible propertyDomain/propertyRange/subClassOf updates'
  • Issue 275 Rearrange 'Group' interface to support for long lists of members and meetings. Now split into different tabs
  • Issue 281 Add labels for change requests
  • Issue 296 Change tooltip for gdpr flag to 'This element is assessed as personal data'
  • Issue 306 Don't use local php session record anymore. Instead use database to check for last access timestamp
  • Issue 300 Add posibility to edit xml syntax binding specs for elements
  • Issue 310 Allow more log levels for schematron validation result
  • Issue 311 Show attached service acccounts (accOrg) in organization view
  • Remove relation grpStdVersion[Group*StdVersion] which was not used by customers. Less = more.
  • Use explicit version of Ampersand prototype framework. Start with v1.5.0. See
  • Allow to configure validator endpoint url using environment variable STH_VALIDATOR_ENDPOINT

v1.6.5 (7 mei 2020)

  • Issue 286 Replace unmaintained library phpexcel. Use phpoffice/phpspreadsheet instead
  • Issue 316 Bugfix missing icons in SCSN environment
  • Improve docker build by removing php composer as seperate buildstage. Platform deps are now checked
  • Add CI script for SETU, STPE, SCSN and SUTC environments

v1.6.6 (11 juni 2020)

  • Issue 317 Add SCSN logo in navbar + adapt home page
  • Issue 319 Optimizations in Dockerfile
  • Issue 321 Remove database credentials from git
  • Issue 328 Bugfix unsupported schematron flag in case of no flag
  • Hide (not disable) message versions in validator that are not marked as 'show in validator'
  • Add elmXPath and elmExampleObject(s) to copy procedure when creating a new version of a message
  • Update to Ampersand prototype framework v1.5.1 to allow to set database user and password using environment variable

v1.6.7 (13 aug 2020)

  • Issue 137 Add default sort order for displaying messages in 'Standard' interface
  • Issue 161 Fix issue in treeview. List with all elements must contain all loaded elements, not only the direct children
  • Issue 178 Use explicit version of Ampersand prototype compiler in Dockerfile
    • Remove relation stdMngmtOrg. The project owner relations projectOrg and projectAccount replace this functionality
  • Issue 353 Bugfix gdpr flag and note not copied from predecessor message defintion
  • In treeview, show standard version name instead of message name + (standard version name) in the header
  • Simplify docker-compose file to make local testing easier
  • Ampersand prototype framework is published on Packagist; package added as dev dependency to allow for easier code completion for STH project specific extensions

v1.6.8 (5 october 2020)

  • Issue 331 Evalidator: bundle and limit (max 5) violations per rule
  • Issue 367 Bugfix don't show non-visible elements in 'used by' list for codelists
  • SETU - Update homescreen tile about new releases

v1.6.9 (5 november 2020)

  • Issue 274 Sort group meetings by date desc
  • Issue 362 Copy element usage notes to next version
  • Improve ontology export to prepare for migration to Semantic Treehouse v2.0
    • Issue 56 Add Value constraint OWL constructs
    • Issue 59 Add language to literals in ontology