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v1.5.0 (1 july 2019)

  • UI improvement for many interfaces. Less whitespace because label is placed above data in default ROWS box template
  • Bugfix issue where schematron validation link to API is shown when not available
  • Issue 105 XML snippets for messages (root elements) are automatically visible in validator
  • Issue 135 Allow xml snippets to be editable
  • Issue 157 Add project scope (organization / account), allow projects to be marked as public and view hidden projects in your own scope.
  • Issue 180 Bugfix Q&A not working
  • Issue 181 Add GDPR / AVG flag and note for elements
  • Add filter settings to semantic tree view
  • Several bugfixes in ontology importer
  • Remove standardAbbr because it causes to much administration for new standards (especially when users are allowed to create their own)
  • Improvements to ontology import functionality
  • New messages must be instantiated from Classes (not properties)
  • Major refactoring of Person,Organization,Account and Group administration
    • Issue 48 Introduction of CONCEPT Representatives (combi of Person-Org) and GroupMembership (combi of Representative-Group)
    • Adapted interfaces (including 'My account')
    • Cleanup and removal of unused relations and SIAM files
  • Add default admin account for new deployments

v1.5.1 (10 july 2019)

  • Move config files to more easy deploy without manual steps
  • Allow role labels to be editable
  • Refactoring: make Representative a specialization of Person

v1.5.2 (15 july 2019)

  • Implement dynamic RBAC. Accessible interfaces for roles are now queries from database instead of generated json files. This is a new implementation in Ampersand and prototype framework v1.3.0
  • Issue 182 Set session timeout to 4h instead of 1h
  • Issue 183 Bugfix in syntax binding paths that are not shown. Specifically in SETU env.
  • Issue 184 Refactor customized views. Replace ng-repeat pattern for uni expressions using new requireArray() helper function
  • Issue 185 Display error message when no connection. This is fixed in Ampersand prototype framework.
  • Issue 187 Add interface to list all groups for WG members.
  • Issue 188 Bugfix meeting presence dropdown. Minor change to related interfaces
  • Issue 190 Add column role to People interface. Make it a sortable table.
  • Issue 191 Bugfix navigating to previous/next versions in treeview details panel. Also show version of element in header.
  • Issue 192 Bugfix 'Method not allowed' for DELETE request. Removing WebDAVModule in web.config is somehow needed. Not sure why.
  • Issue 194 'Standard' icon is klikbaar. Fixed by update in myNavToInterfaces directive in Ampersand prototype framework.

v1.5.3 (6 august 2019)

  • Bugfix in optimized class view. Classes were not shown when not in a version
  • Issue 198 Bugfix element details panel. Not sure why this fix works, but we're moving to Angular 2 anyway.
  • Issue 199 Bugfix 404 error for API interfaces shown as link in UI. Fixed in development of Ampersand Prototype framework. See commit

v1.5.4 (19 august 2019)

  • Add all XML Schema built-in datatypes to default import sheet. Also added to SETU, Ketenstandaard, STPE and SCSN environments
  • Implement union codelists. I.e. codelists that consists of other codelists.

v1.5.5 (23 august 2019)

  • Issue 201 Fix element path issue with _NULL. Path is not stored in database anymore but calculated/queried by customized SQL query for ElementPath VIEW.
  • Issue 206 Imporve vague terms as used in eValidator settings for a message. And minor UI improvement in Edit version interface
  • Issue 212 Fix overcrowded sub elements list in editing mode
  • Improve usability of business rules. Includes 'used by' views, better labels and functionality to add new rules
  • Bugfix in eValidator. Wanneer een rule een categorie kreeg toegewezen kwam deze niet meer terecht in de schematron validatie set

v1.5.6 (2 september 2019)

  • Bugfix issue with initial sort setting for several tables (see commit)
  • Bugfix issue with XML example column not big enough. It was TEXT (max 64k chars), it is now MEDIUMTEXT (max 16777k chars)
  • Change projectVisible into projectIsListed to have more intuitive meaning of functionality. Only affects public projects
  • Improve UI for displaying business rules. Fixes wrapping of BR text in tree view element details window
  • Enlarge element defintion text and place above all information in element details view
  • Add functionality to set element namespaces equal to the message namespace instead of the linked properties
  • Issue 182 Bugfix regarding session storage on IIS. Fixed in all STH production environments

v1.5.7 (23 september 2019)

  • Bugfix in persisting tree view filter settings after refresh (mandatory and gdprflag)
  • Bugfix labels REMOVED and NOT VISIBLE were not shown in Element and Edit Element interfaces
  • Bugfix whitespace in treeview when filters are applied
  • UI improvement in element details window in tree view
  • Hide namespace prefix in path in element details window in tree view (request of Ketenstandaard)
  • Remove direct use of sessionStorage. Use controller function in between
  • Fix issue with selecting the right database host. We now specify the sqlHost using Ampersand build yaml. Docker overwrites this with cmd swich
  • Add Semantic Treehouse privacy statement versie 13 sept 2019
  • Issue 171 Add explanation of grey elements in syntax binding tree using on-hover text
  • Issue 214 Add functionality to edit sequence nr for properties. Used when creating messages
  • Issue 215 Add functionality to delete (unlocked) business rules
  • Issue 217 Reintroduce functionality to specify that a property is implemented as an XML attribute by default
  • Issue 222 Fix access control to eValidator API by making config project specific
  • Issue 237 Remove option to add/delete Person via the '+'-menu. They must be added/removed via Edit organization

v1.5.8 (15 october 2019)

  • Issue 134 Add metadata fields to artefacts. Allow these to be configurable per project
  • Issue 143 Adds Project to the all messages view.
  • Issue 223 UI improvement: evalidator link uit tool menu halen
  • Issue 224 Make header logo's clickable to navigate to home
  • Issue 231 Implement partial search functionality for treeview
  • Issue 238 Bugfix in showing change requests in details panel in treeview
  • Issue 251 Allow to delete Organizations and Representatives. Loose coupling between Representative and GroupMembership
  • Issue 255 Bugfix max url length exceeded. Default was 260 chars. Increased to 1024
  • Issue 257 Bugfix evalidator error when no flag is set for a business rule. Default flag in schematron output is now 'error'
  • Introduction of MeetingMember concept to objectify the registry of meeting presence by representatives. Supports guest members
  • UI improvement: remove lock icon for locked elements, messages, classes and properties. Now only unlocked items are indicated

v1.5.9 (28 november 2019)

  • Issue 265 Bugfix missing pattern id in schematron output
  • Issue 266 Bugfix in editing value restrictions for properties
  • Issue 269 Bugfix showing identifier of business rules when editing property or element
  • Remove unnecessary relation projectIsListed. A project is now public or not. Public projects are visible to all users.