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v1.3.0 (18 january 2019)

  • Update to new Ampersand version (> v3.13.0) and prototype framework (> v1.1.0) Includes:
    • Update to php version >= 7.1.
    • Fix for redirect-after-login bug
    • Fix session timeout bug
    • Security fix renew session id after login Fixes #142
    • Update LinkedIn OAuth API
    • Auto reload javascript resources after update Fixes #123
    • No user interfaces are generates anymore for API interface definitions
    • For more details see: Ampersand prototype changelog
  • Add overview of datatypes that use a builtin base datatype to 'ClassUsedBy' interface
  • Add functionality to link to message models that are defined in other environments of Semantic Treehouse

v1.3.1 (28 january 2019)

  • Introduce distinction between internal and external codelist. Allows for automatic eValidator checks and better presenation in CL interface
  • eValidator - Add automatic checks for codelist values
  • Issue 146 Bugfix session login time out issue