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v2.10.0 (6 may 2022)

  • Issue 416 First implementation of SHACL support as input for FIT wizard
  • Issue 504 Bugfix showing XML snippets in validation result
  • SUTC Add logo Topsector to header and set start page to /Projects
  • Codebase improvements using new PHP8 functionality
  • Refactor wizard data; introducing Data Transfer Object (DTO) design pattern
  • Refactor SHACL implementation (#416); introducing classes for SHACL NodeShape, PropertyShape and ShapesGraph
  • Update to Ampersand prototype framework v1.15.1

v2.9.0 (5 mar 2022)

  • Issue 493 Bugfix linking new account to organization based on orgDomain part of emailaddress
  • Issue 508 Add YAML syntax for JSON schema output from FIT wizard
  • Add GA4 for tracking all environments of * in single Google Analytics property

v2.9.1 (18 mar 2022)

  • Issue 518 Bugfix wizard functionality with properties that have max multiplicity of 0
  • Issue 519 Add support for qualified cardinality constraints to be used by the wizard

v2.8.0 (14 jan 2022)

  • Issue 496 Add generated JSON example to output of FIT wizard
  • Issue 500 Add last comment date to CR View View
  • Issue 501 Add alt label to taxonomy viewer.
  • Update to PHP v8
  • Update to Ampersand prototype framework v1.13.0
  • Update Phan to v5 for static analysis of PHP backend

v2.8.1 (18 jan 2022)

  • Bugfix missing example value for boolean datatype in XML and JSON example generator

v2.8.2 (20 jan 2022)

  • Issue 486 Activate Google analytics for TNO environment
  • Issue 498 Provide feedback to user about global type definition issue in XML schema generator
  • Issue 499 Remove column roles from 'Accounts' overview list
  • Issue 502 Add support for local attribute type definitions in XSD generator of FIT wizard

v2.8.3 (11 feb 2022)

  • Issue 505 Directly redirect to login when there is only one OAuth option
  • Update to Ampersand prototype framework v1.14.1
  • Update all external backend libraries
  • Refactor exception usage in backend
  • Issue 495 Adds BD4NRG Environment.
  • Remove interface to list all Messages

Migration notes 2.6 --> 2.7

  • Upload metamodel additions in every environment. See json population in ./migrations/v2.7.0-metamodel.json
  • Update environment variable STH_VALIDATOR_ENDPOINT. Append with /validation-request. See Issue #414
  • Update interface roles for Class, Community portal, Groups, Group and View review comments. Set to appropriate role. Remove role WG member. See Issue 248
  • Update interface roles for EvalidatorInfo (SYSTEM), EValidatorMessages (User), ExampleObject (System). Remove role EVALIDATOR. See Issue #253

v2.7.0 (22 sept 2021)

  • Issue 403 Restructure project folder into subfolders: backend, frontend, migrations and model
  • Update to Ampersand prototype framework v1.10.2
    • Fixes Issue 159 Don't call API when leaving an input field and nothing has changed
    • Fixes Issue 456 Show error message indicating that a file upload is to large
  • Update to Ampersand prototype framework v1.10.3
    • Fixes Issue 109 Redirect back to page after (OAuth) login
  • Issue 172 Bugfix treeview: allow to switch between editing and viewing mode
  • Issue 177 Enforce element names to be valid xml tag names
  • Issue 235 Indicate where Markdown syntax is supported
  • Issue 248 Drop role "WG member". Access control to related interfaces is now content based
  • Issue 252 Add explicit button to edit codelist entry in 'New/edit codelist' interface
  • Issue 253 Bugfix validator shows up before authentication wall is loaded
  • Issue 258 Don't show (incorrect) element details panel when loading in treeview
  • Issue 273 Only allow access to groups for groupmembers and administrators
  • Issue 280 Complete XML + JSON schema generator with value restrictions
  • Issue 288 Add field to specify release notes for versions of specifications
  • Issue 302 Bugfix issue with empty rule set for evalidator
  • Issue 326 Handle situation when OAuthLogin is aborted/failes
  • Issue 336 Allow to unlock specification versions and after that unlock single elements to fix issues
  • Issue 341 Remove ticketing module that is not used; functionality can be reintroduced later by means of issues combined with change requests.
  • Issue 361 Bugfix also copy root element data & element metadata to new version
  • Issue 372 Finish migration from STH v1.x to v2.x
  • Issue 375 Several bugs community portal regarding group memberships and meeting memberships
  • Issue 389 Add check on rdf syntax when uploading/inserting ontology specifications
  • Issue 390 Add loading spinner to FIT wizard step 3 outputs (schema, example, rml)
  • Issue 396 Add navigation for specifications in 'Edit project' interface + related bugfixes
  • Issue 397 Add placeholder in case taxonomy has no concepts and auto-select first concept if there are any
  • Issue 412 Add functionality to store schematron object content in database next to filesystem
  • Issue 414 Improved validator UI
    • Changed default for validator endpoint to
    • Removed fixed part of endpoint '/validation-request'
    • Display max file upload size to user
    • When > 10k lines, don't show XML editor (to prevent performance issues in browser)
  • Issue 424 Disable validate button when request is empty
  • Issue 439 Bugfix UI for project overview to row wrap multiple specifications correctly
  • Issue 444 Add creator organization to all specification views (next to acknowledgements for authors and contributors)
  • Issue 446 Bugfix issue with invisible elements that have visible sub elements
  • Issue 449 Bugfix missing syntax binding for tree structures that are references to other messages
  • Issue 455 Make change request labels visible in 'View change request' interface
  • Issue 457 Use skos:definition, dc11:description, dc:description and rdfs:comment as definition
  • Issue 464 In treeview details panel: order XML examples by syntax name
  • Issue 466 Bugfix FIT wizard add all descendants: skip properties with multiplicity constraint of max 0
  • Issue 467 Use most specific (smallest) property restrictions in FIT wizard
  • Issue 468 Remove blue/yellow/gray coloring in element details in treeview UI
  • Issue 470 Add functionality for Taxonomy specifications (viewer and editor). Includes a basic SKOS exporter
  • Issue 474 Bugfix viewing name of related artefact (e.g. element) at discussion posts and other links
  • Issue 475 Bugfix missing crProject link for newly created change requests
  • Adapt 'Change request' interface to generic style of STH
  • Access control update: distinguish between account specific roles and derived roles from organizational and subscription based roles
  • In kubernetes cluster, mount environment specific configuration files from configmap
  • Remove environment specific configuration files from being baked into the image
  • Bugfix elmHasPred constraint: multiple elements can share the same predecessor
  • Bugfix FIT wizard API calls: show invariant violations that prevent transaction commit
  • FIT wizard step 3: add placeholder for CSV syntax. Not implemented yet
  • FIT wizard step 2: English is pref language; awaiting Issue 436 for multi language suppport

v2.7.1 (19 oct 2021)

  • Issue 409 Update of our CICD and source control setup. We now use main branch with release tags for (automatic) deployment.
  • Issue 481 Change owner/holder of an action point from Person to Representative
  • Issue 483 Replace old relation grpStd by projectGroup to show where groups are working on
  • Issue 487 Bugfix for situation of invalid state for OAuthlogin
  • Issue 489 Bugfix treeview showing dropdown when no visible subelements are available
  • Fix for OAuth integration to allow for different name/label for Mijn Ketenstandaard. We now use the idp->handler instead
  • Fix for participant_of claims to determine subscriptions for Ketenstandaard
  • Remove need to configure redirect URL for OAuth login

v2.7.2 (6 dec 2021)

  • Issue 496 Bugfix FIT wizard due to API returning object instead of expected array
  • Issue 497 Change footer + add link to join us on Discord
  • Update to Ampersand prototype framework v1.12.0 (includes Ampersand compiler v4.6.2)
  • Add three icons for Ketenstandaard

v2.6.0 (15 jul 2021)

  • Issue 264 Functionality to invite groups to view a specific project
  • Issue 370 Group permission model customizable
  • Issue 461 Allow to export/import access control settings
  • Add subscriptions to automatically provide access to certain groups/projects. Subscriptions can be populated from other sources (e.g. OAuth resource data)
  • Update to Ampersand prototype framework v1.10.1

v2.5.0 (4 jul 2021)

  • Issue 450 Allow for specific metadata annotations for elements (reusing annotations from ontology)
  • 5/6/21 Hotfix: json object shown in change request interface; must be project label with navigation links

v2.5.1 (6 jul 2021)

  • Issue 451 STPE changes to homepage
  • Increase max run count for exec-engine from 10 (default) to 20. To allow for cleanup/removal of larger tree structures
  • Workaround for issue with qualified property URIs caused by bug in EasyRdf library. See

v2.4.0 (1 jul 2021)

  • Issue 366 Add column Project for overview of change requests
  • Issue 427 Remove status field of change requests. CRs can be marked open/closed and have labels attached
  • Bugfix: Also list Specification and SpecVersion references in CR view.
  • Bugfix: Support for non-uni relations in BOX SELECT template

v2.3.0 (20 may 2021)

  • Update to Ampersand prototype framework v1.10.0 (needed for update on OAuth module)
  • Improve OAuth login flow. When registrating new accounts, fill user profile data
  • Issue 395 Integrate with Ketenstandaard identity server
  • FIT wizard: add button to add next level descendants for a given element
  • 9/6/21 Hotfix "Typed property SemanticTreehouse\SIAM\ProfileData::$firstName must not be accessed before initialization"

v2.2.0 (13 april 2021)

  • Add switch to (not) prefix property names with domain class name in ontology export functionality of STH v1
  • Show additional documentation for spec versions of type external specification
  • Adapt to template changes to prepare for upgrade to Ampersand prototype framework v1.9.0
  • Update to Ampersand prototype framework v1.9.1
  • Add Microsoft account OAuth login option for all environments
  • FIT Wizard improvements
    • Support for annotation properties from sxml namespace (output of Topbraids XSD to OWL feature)
    • Refactoring of code that determines possible sub elements
    • Add API method that allows to bulk add the complete next level of sub elements for the whole message definition

v2.2.1 (14 april 2021)

  • Issue 392 Improve performance significantly for all FIT wizard related apis
  • Update to Ampersand prototype framework v1.9.2 to fix performance issue with query optimizations

v2.2.2 (15 april 2021)

  • Update to Ampersand prototype framework v1.9.3 to hotfix issue introduced in v1.9.2

v2.1.0 (29 jan 2021)

  • Issue 400 FIT wizard: error when root element is not set to visible.
  • Issue 419 Treeview: bugfix collapse arrow when element is in active path
  • Issue 422 Make all messages automatically “visible”
  • Issue 425 Bugfix hide elements in syntax tree that are not visible
  • Issue 426 Validator UI: sort available examples by name
  • Issue 428 Bugfix in view of references to Artefacts
  • Issue 431 Bugfix time zone format in generated XML examples
  • Issue 432 Bugfix in content-type when downloading documents from STH
  • Update to Ampersand prototype framework v1.8.5
  • Add environment for customer BISON (remove demo for DOVA)

v2.1.1 (3 feb 2021)

  • Set totallity constraint for RELATIONs specProject, specId and isVersionOf
  • Validator UI: don't show spec name in version select box

v2.1.2 (9 feb 2021)

  • Issue 295 Allow to sort/order file objects
  • Issue 357 Upgrade usage of EasyRdf library to version >= 1.0.0
  • Issue 435 Return original file name when downloading fileobject
  • Update to Ampersand prototype framework v1.8.6 (required for update of EasyRdf lib to v1.x)

v2.1.3 (10 feb 2021)

  • Issue 437 Bugfix error in link to file objects API
  • Add functionality to upload a new version for an existing file object (using interface 'Edit upload')
  • Cleanup unused VOWL template and controller