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v2.17.0 (7 april 2023)

  • Issue 559 Report login error to user to be able to diagnose what went wrong
  • Issue 599 Handle situation (show error message) when user cancels the authentication
  • Issue 631 Add OAuth integration for NEN. Includes refactoring of OAuth module
  • Issue 658 Remove constraint of non-duplicate account display name
  • Issue 660 Add MessageMapping API to match elements in tree view canvas
  • Fix minor issues with OAuth login implementation. Trigger detailed logs when login attempt fails due to invariant violation

v2.17.1 / v3.0.0-alpha.1 (9 may 2023)

  • Issue 672 Merge new frontend (v3) code repo into subfolder in main STH repo
  • Add 3.0.0-alpha.1 version of new frontend to virtual directory /v3/
  • Add missing built-in types for mapping from xs types to json
  • Add link to releases page for version info in footer

v2.16.0 (10 march 2023)

  • Issue 447 Add backend functionality to upload icons/avatars at different locations (e.g. for specifications)
  • Issue 547 Embedded schematron specification doesn't seem to be picked up by validator
  • Issue 601 Support sorting for taxonomy concepts.
  • Issue 606 Add short description to data model for specs (UI needs it)
  • Issue 611 Add Energy Vocabulary Hub environment customization.
  • Issue 616 Update Node builder from 12 EOL to Node 14 LTS version
  • Issue 618 Create STH env for NEN 2767 (cont'd)
  • Issue 623 Bugfix JSON example generator
  • Issue 624 Extend Projects API to include additional info needed by new frontend
  • Issue 625 Add functionality to specify the highlighted version (for new frontend)
  • Issue 632 Increase session expiration limit to 5 days (was 4h)
  • Move docker-compose.yml to gitignore and provide current one as docker-compose.yml.example.
  • Add check for updated changelog in merge request pipeline

v2.15.0 (25 january 2023)

  • Issue 564 First implementation of OpenAPI generator
  • Issue 570 Introduce base data types
  • Issue 581 Change tab name 'XML examples'
  • Issue 596 Change frontpage of BD4NRG environment
  • Issue 609 Add support for SHACL sh:targetSubjectsOf to determine restrictions on properties
  • Remove BISON environment
  • Add icon for Ketenstandaard environment

v2.14.0 (18 november 2022)

  • Issue 536 Add 'path' to spreadsheet output of Message specification
  • Issue 566 Add filter to only show unbound elements in syntax binding
  • Issue 567 Strikethrough invisible element in syntax tree in editing mode
  • Issue 572 Bugfix validator output missing id attribute on failed assert
  • Issue 584 Implement data model and update views for element mappings and message mappings
  • Fix bug introduced by #546. Filters were not applied anymore due to double 'show' method declaration
  • Issue 590 Create ZeroW environment
  • Issue 591 Improve customization + startpage of ZEROW environment
  • Issue 592 Fix browser rendering issue with large taxonomies
  • Change of Ketenstandaard home page upon request KS

v2.13.0 (7 october 2022)

  • Issue 527 Add SHACL output generator to FIT wizard
  • Issue 531 Update NEN front page.
  • Issue 546 By default use element label instead of name in treeview
  • Issue 548 Fix incorrect meta-population output causing Access denied error
  • Issue 556 Implement toggle XSD generation style Venetian Blind / Russian Doll
  • Issue 561 Add RDF example to wizard output
  • Issue 571 Bugfix in JSON example in wizard output
  • Doc Issue 9 Move privacy statement to Semantic Treehouse landing page
  • Update to Ampersand prototype framework v1.16.0
  • Lower severity of invalid state parameter for OAuth login to NOTICE (instead of ERROR). Relates to #487
  • Major refactoring of backend code, including:
    • Introduction of API Controllers, instead of anonymous functions
    • Put all API files together in folder: backend/src/api and auto loading those files
    • Move classes about Taxonomy and Message specifications (incl. Element, ElementType classes) into new namespace SemanticTreehouse\Specification
    • Make code for RDF response reusable in new Trait RdfContentTrait

v2.12.0 (22 july 2022)

  • Issue 340 Remove whitespace and empty fields in Codelist interface
  • Issue 532 Bugfix sorting release notes
  • Issue 535 Bugfix list of validator projects when API is requested with access-token instead of a session login
  • Issue 537 Bugfix merge of allowed values in multiple value restriction sets
  • Issue 539 Improve findability of validation artefacts; placed on Message model overview interface
  • Issue 541 Remove panel-warning style for unlocked message model (elements)
  • Issue 542 Bugfix loading schematron and example files in validator UI
  • Issue 543 Bugfix wrong mapping of floatDigits and length to interface labels
  • Alpha release of new codelist functionality: exporting to spreadsheet and SKOS, possibility to migrate to Taxonomy and minor UI changes to Taxonomy views
  • Add PHPUnit for unit testing backend implementation. Integrated in CI. Including first test as example.

v2.11.0 (31 may 2022)

  • Issue 343 Feature to download/export message tree in spreadsheet format (.xlsx)

v2.10.0 (6 may 2022)

  • Issue 416 First implementation of SHACL support as input for FIT wizard
  • Issue 504 Bugfix showing XML snippets in validation result
  • SUTC Add logo Topsector to header and set start page to /Projects
  • Codebase improvements using new PHP8 functionality
  • Refactor wizard data; introducing Data Transfer Object (DTO) design pattern
  • Refactor SHACL implementation (#416); introducing classes for SHACL NodeShape, PropertyShape and ShapesGraph
  • Update to Ampersand prototype framework v1.15.1

v2.9.0 (5 mar 2022)

  • Issue 493 Bugfix linking new account to organization based on orgDomain part of emailaddress
  • Issue 508 Add YAML syntax for JSON schema output from FIT wizard
  • Add GA4 for tracking all environments of * in single Google Analytics property

v2.9.1 (18 mar 2022)

  • Issue 518 Bugfix wizard functionality with properties that have max multiplicity of 0
  • Issue 519 Add support for qualified cardinality constraints to be used by the wizard

v2.8.0 (14 jan 2022)

  • Issue 496 Add generated JSON example to output of FIT wizard
  • Issue 500 Add last comment date to CR View View
  • Issue 501 Add alt label to taxonomy viewer.
  • Update to PHP v8
  • Update to Ampersand prototype framework v1.13.0
  • Update Phan to v5 for static analysis of PHP backend

v2.8.1 (18 jan 2022)

  • Bugfix missing example value for boolean datatype in XML and JSON example generator

v2.8.2 (20 jan 2022)

  • Issue 486 Activate Google analytics for TNO environment
  • Issue 498 Provide feedback to user about global type definition issue in XML schema generator
  • Issue 499 Remove column roles from 'Accounts' overview list
  • Issue 502 Add support for local attribute type definitions in XSD generator of FIT wizard

v2.8.3 (11 feb 2022)

  • Issue 505 Directly redirect to login when there is only one OAuth option
  • Update to Ampersand prototype framework v1.14.1
  • Update all external backend libraries
  • Refactor exception usage in backend
  • Issue 495 Adds BD4NRG Environment.
  • Remove interface to list all Messages