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v1.4.0 (18 february 2019)

  • Issue 147 Bugfix ontology not accessible for external WebVOWL viewer
  • Issue 140 Element view always shown next to treeview
  • Issue 144 Edit element view is now shown next to treeview
  • Add functionality for dynamic navigation menu
  • Improve treeview UI: allow multiple elements to be selected and support multiple syntax binding trees
  • Refresh menu merged with extension menu items in Ampersand prototype framework
  • Add javascript rules via jshint + fix issues
  • Issue 119 Babeljs transpiler added in gulpjs of Ampersand prototype framework
  • Allow for message defintions (and elements) without an reference to an ontology property

v1.4.1 (25 february 2019)

  • Add role Anonymous to sessions. When a user logs in, this role is removed by rule 'Clear allowed session roles'
  • Several bugfixes (see commit messages)
  • Adapt to refactored internal of Ampersand prototype framework

v1.4.2 (18 may 2019)

  • Issue 37 Add Markdown support for change requests, usage notes and descriptions