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Community portal

Community portal overview

You find the community portal by selecting Community > Community portal on the menu bar.

In the community portal a working group member can find everything about the working groups they participate in. By default a personal overview is shown of the active, but also unactive groups you participate(d) in and their (planned) meetings. When clicking the My organizations tab on the top, you can also see the working groups that your organization, in other words your colleagues, participate(d) in.

For each working group, the overview provides the following information:

  • The name of the working group.
  • Checkbox indicating whether the working group is active or not.
  • The project(s) discussed during the working group.
  • All meetings of the working group including their date and location.

View a working group

By selecting a certain working group, you get a working group overview with the title of the working group, the topics being discussed, open action points for different members, and the meeting schedule. Each meeting on the meeting schedule has a date, location, related documentation, and change requests being discussed during this working group.

By selecting the tab Group members, you can find the contact information of all working group members, consisting of their full name, the organization they represent, and their email address.

List of all working groups

Select Community > List all groups to find an overview of all working groups, also the ones that you do/did not participate in. Here you can also find whether they are active or not.